Ellen Cox

Accounting Technician,

Department of Physics and Astronomy

May 2014

passionate about excellence and an integral team player
Her ‘can-do’ attitude is inspiring
an invaluable member of our team

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The Applause program is sponsored by the Dean's Office, College of Arts & Sciences.

The nominators wrote:

“Ellen is a delightful co-worker. Her positive attitude and ready smile help to make the office environment pleasant and welcoming. She is very dedicated to performing her job well and efficiently. When interrupted during her very busy schedule, she is always willing to assist with answering questions in a respectful manner –regardless of how menial the question may be. She is very thorough in reviewing the paperwork submitted for her approval and signature, and returns this work promptly and efficiently. She is passionate about excellence and is an integral team player. I highly recommend Ellen for the College of Arts and Sciences Applause Award!”

“I'm nominating Ellen Cox for the Applause award because of her professionalism, her positive attitude and her excellent work on grants. I know that if I need something regarding grants, whether it's a journal entry justification or closing requirements or purchasing information, Ellen will get it. The information is always timely and accurate - and the Physics department has a lot of grants! She's constantly striving to learn more so she can be better at her job. She has always been kind and pleasant to work with. Her ‘can-do’ attitude is inspiring. Ellen should be applauded for all her fine work here at the University!”

“Ellen brings extensive experience in commercial accounting to our business office and a professional commitment to her job. It is clear that she takes great pride in her work and is here because she simply likes working.  She enjoys the challenge of learning new things and the satisfaction of making a genuine contribution. No doubt there have been real adjustments to an academic atmosphere and the peculiar regulations and procedures of federally funded projects, but she faced the challenges with patience, hard work, and an always pleasant attitude. We are exceedingly lucky to have Ellen on our staff!”

“I am the principal investigator for grants that total about $2M/year in annual funding. These grants support the work of nearly twenty people performing a diverse set of activities. It is a challenge to stay on top of the finances of my research group...and even harder considering that I'm on faculty development leave this year and have not been in Lincoln for the past ten months. But fortunately I have Ellen Cox on top of it all for me! She has consistently been monitoring all of the activity in our group, giving me reports that I want before I can even think of asking for them, and promptly alerting me to financial issues that need my attention. And of course she does all of this in a friendly and professional manner. I couldn't ask for anything more, and it is hard to imagine that I and my colleagues could keep our research efforts going without her. Although she has only been working in our department business office for a relatively short amount of time, she has really become an invaluable member of our team. I fully support her nomination form an Applause award!”