Kerry Vondrak

Recruiting Coordinator,

Department of Chemistry

February 2014

very upbeat, positive and extremely good at all of her roles in the department
Her skills and her dedication to her work at UNL are great assets
(Able) to relate to the students and put Nebraska's best foot forward

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The nominators wrote:

“Kerry is very deserving and overdue to receive the Applause Award. She is very upbeat, positive and extremely good at all of her roles in the department and there are many roles she plays. She is very positive and this is an infectious quality. Kerry is also very artistic and this shines through in her role as communications director. She is very organized, and a joy to work with. As Recruiting Coordinator she also carries these qualities through with her role. Kerry is a huge asset to the Chemistry Dept!”

“Kerry has awesome performance in serving the mission of the Chemistry Department, especially in the areas of the graduate recruitment, the design of branding documents, maintenance of the website and social media sites, and outreach activities. She is very efficient in working with many chemistry staff and faculty members to facilitate the completion of her assigned tasks which are often complex in nature. Since she joins UNL, I have been working with her on many complicated tasks. She never leaves a job hanging in the middle of the air. She always finds a way to solve "sensitive" problems without making some parties angry. Her skills and her dedication to her work at UNL are great assets to UNL. Therefore, I strongly recommend Kerry for the Applause award!”

“I am a new assistant professor in the department (just joined in summer of 2013) and one of the most important parts of starting a new group is getting students. Kerry is our graduate recruiting coordinator and she is excellent! We have worked together closely on recruiting since before I came to campus officially and she has always gone the extra mile to help me engage the top recruits by proactively pointing out strong applicants and integrating me seamlessly into department recruiting events. Her ability to relate to the students and put Nebraska's best foot forward is a tremendous asset to the department and in many ways her personality has helped build an identity for the department (especially from the student perspective). I always say the biggest asset/most critical component of a department is the students and based on her pivotal role (which she plays to perfection) in this aspect of our operation I am pleased to nominate Kerry for an Applause Award!”