Directions for OSFA forms and submission

New for this awarding cycle (2016-2017 summer/academic year) are electronic submission forms and change in process.  The forms are titled 2016-17_AY_Form_Template and 2016-17_AY_Spreadsheet.  These two documents replace the scholarship recommendation page you’ve used in the past. 

These documents must be used from this point forward for all scholarship awards submitted to OSFA. 

You are to complete a separate 2016-17_AY_Form_Template and 2016-17_AY_Spreadsheet for each fund. Once complete these are submitted by email to  They would appreciate a separate email for each fund.  It is expected that the email will be sent by the designated scholarship contact person and that the designated authorizing official for the unit be copied on each email.

Check list for the new process
  • Create a unique name for each fund when saving the documents.  For example, if the fund name is “Love New Processes” then your document titles would be 2016-17_AY_form_Love_New_Processes for the PDF and 2016-17_AY_ Love_New_Processes for the spreadsheet.
  • Ensure the item type and fund number are correct on each document
  • Each spreadsheet is for one fund/item type only
  • Fill in all columns on the spreadsheet. You must indicate amounts for Fall and Spring in addition to the total amount.
  • Supply only the information requested. Do not modify the forms.
  • EMAIL the PDF document and spreadsheet-ONE FOR EACH FUND-to Scholarships and Financial Aid at  Please send one fund per email using the fund name and item type in the subject line.
  • Prior to submitting the completed documents to OSFA please ensure the authorizing official is copied on the email as this will serve as the authorizing official’s approval 
Please make sure the students selected for each award meet the criteria.

OSFA no longer has the access to do this verification. Chairs and Directors or their designee have access to the Fund Summary Memorandum though the Foundation website.  It is imperative that these are reviewed prior to the scholarships being allocated.


Please contact Mary Klucas at or 472-7325 with any questions.