Antonio Linhart

Antonio Linhart


Computer science


Spanish, Mathematics, Business

Overland Park, KS

Why you chose your major

I chose my majors and minors because of how much I enjoy technology, math, and creating things digitally. When creating something online, the opportunities are truly endless and up to the imagination!

I am also very interested in the concepts of business and how they can apply to technology-focused businesses to be able to have the context for how technology organizations are run and potentially get a leadership position in a technology company.

I have always been excited about learning different languages and cultures. Minoring in Spanish is a great way to do that and study something non-STEM related!

Favorite and/or most impactful course

Design Studio. I work in a team of students to develop a technology solution for a sponsor over a year-long course. We have weekly check-ins with our sponsors and project releases to get constant feedback on our progress and ensure that our project is being developed in line with their vision.

Getting to have dedicated teamwork time and work towards a shared goal of meeting the sponsor's needs gives me invaluable real-world experience before I graduate college!

Research or internship experience

I interned for Microsoft the summer after my freshman year in Seattle, Washington. I worked with two other interns to develop a new form to collect sensitive employee information that would integrate into Microsoft's new employee information profile page.

Getting to work for such a large company on a project that would impact tens of thousands of employees made me feel like I made a huge impact!

Other involvement

I am involved as a Teaching Assistant for courses in the Computer Science department, I am also a part of the Mexican American Student Association, Spanish Club, and Honors Ambassadors. 

I am the treasurer for Honors Ambassadors and have enjoyed the amount of teamwork and public speaking experience I have received from being in the organization.

In the Mexican American Student Association, it has been great to connect with other students on campus and help serve the community through volunteering like the Big Event and Day of the Dead!

Why you chose Nebraska

I was extremely excited about the community I got to hear about on my visits and the academic rigor that the computer science curriculum at the university would provide. I knew that I would be challenged and also have connections to help me secure technology internships to help me further my career after college.

The Husker football spirit is something that I have not seen at any other university that I visited and has made me extremely proud to be a Husker.

Being an out of state student, the number of scholarships was also a huge factor for me!

Student Ambassadors group

Student Ambassadors are undergraduate students who talk to prospective students, parents, alumni, and the general public about the college.