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College and campus teaching awards

Annis Chaikin Sorensen Distinguished Teaching Award in the Humanities
College Distinguished Teaching Awards
Hazel McClymont Distinguished Teaching Fellow Award

College research awards

College ORCA: College Outstanding Research and Creative Activity Award

ENHANCE CAS: Humanities and social sciences grant program

International Travel Awards

International Research Collaborations Award


CAS Engagement Award

Instructional improvement

Instructional Improvement Fund

Junior faculty

Harold & Ester Edgerton Junior Faculty Award


Partnerships Seed Funding Program


Endowed Professors and Chairs

  • Due: October 2, 2017 - the college due date is earlier than the EVC date because the college's Endowed Professorship Committee and the dean review the files.
  • Nomination process
  • Awardees

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University awards

IDEA: Innovation, Development and Engagement Award
OTICA: Outstanding Teaching and Instructional Creativity Award
UDTA: University-wide Departmental Teaching Award

ORCA: Outstanding Research and Creative Activity Award

Submitted to the EVC


James O'Hanlon Academic Leadership Award