Carlynn Kinney


History and Classics


Political Science

Omaha, NE

Why you chose your major

I know there is a lot of stress around choosing an undergrad major. I have known I wanted to attend Law School before I even attended college. To apply for most Graduate Programs, you need good grades and good experiences. I was given a piece of advice that really changed my perspective on what I was going to major in for school. "Choose something you know you will enjoy, something that will get you to actually attend your classes and motivate you to actually learn something. Law schools aren't really that interested in what your undergrad major is (mostly) what they care about are your grades, and how you've chosen to spend your time. So choose something that you enjoy learning about and the rest will be figured out. Give yourself the best college experience you possibly can, don't stress about things you can't control and work hard for something you actually enjoy doing, so by the end it hasn't all been a waste." Is it somewhat of an unconventional piece of advice? Sure it is. But it has helped me do well in school. I am in majors I am passionate about and my grades reflect that. I WANT to go to my classes, I WANT to learn and I ENJOY it because I have chosen something for me, not for anyone else. I think sometimes the future is scary, we feel the need to make sure we do everything right to plan for it, but sometimes it causes us to lose sight of the now, we need to live in the moment. We only have a limited number of years for our undergrad experience, we should make the most of it. Why would I spend most of it stressing and hating what I'm learning?

Favorite and/or most impactful course

My favorite college course I have taken would have to be History 111: American History after 1877 with Dr. Tschetter. I love history and I loved this class. I took this my first semester in college as a freshman and it really gave me hope that the rest of college would be the same experience like this class I took. I really connected with the students and peers in that class and I really enjoyed the professor. I prefer discussion based/lecture based courses and this class felt like it was made for me. The professor somewhat forced us into discussion with the class and I really liked that.

Research or internship experience

I was involved in Residence Hall Association (RHA) and Harper Schramm Smith Residents Association (HSSRA) my freshman year of college.

Other involvement

I am also involved in Campus Ministry this year connected through St. Paul Church.

Why you chose Nebraska

Out of my options it was the best option financially, personally and locationally. I wanted to be close to home, yet far enough away to feel like I was forcing myself to be on my own and grow up a bit. Being an hour away from where my parents lived was the best answer. I received the most financial aid from UNL and it was the smartest and easiest choice to make. In addition, when I visited Lincoln I absolutely LOVED the campus and college town that's not too far away. Being on UNL's campus truly makes me feel at peace. I love the walk to my classes and the views from my living area. I like the buildings and the spaces and the people. It was an easy choice to attend the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Student Ambassadors group

Student Ambassadors are undergraduate students who talk to prospective students, parents, alumni, and the general public about the college.