Carolyn Willis Ovation

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An Ovation for

Carolyn Willis

Student worker
Department of Psychology

December 2017

“Carolyn has been an incredible addition to our office. She is warm and kind to any student or individual that comes into our office. She provides attentive help answering questions, connects students with their advisor, is a diligent worker, a self-starter, and is able to solve problems effectively. She has transformed our Twitter account and our digital signage by the creation of content and graphics that represent our department, faculty and students. She created and signed features such as 'Resource of the Week', 'Faculty Spotlight' and is now working on student spotlight posts. To her credit, this has been with very little guidance on our part she came in with skills in this area and has taken the initiative to implement them effectively and regularly. You can look at the last 6 months of content @UNLPsych and see her influence. I can always entrust a task to her and know it will get completed and be done well. She even goes above and beyond in finding other things to work on and ways to improve current systems and methods. I could talk about her skills, attention to detail, and hard work at length. However, I think most who know her would agree with that what stands out most about Carolyn is the way she genuinely cares about others and treats them with care, individualized attention, and respect. She is graduating in May and will be sorely missed in our office and department. ”

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“Carolyn has been our student worker since August 2017 but it seems like she's been here for several semesters. She is the "face" that students see when walking into our office. She is considerate, kind and quick to learn. If we request that she carry out a task for us it's done in a timely fashion and carried out with joy. Carolyn has a special way of relating to students. She has developed "friendships" with some of our students that stop by our office often. We have a student in a wheelchair and she has embraced and cared for the student in ways that I would consider "above and beyond" her regular duties.”