About the program

The ENHANCE CAS funding program supports the research, scholarship, and creative activities of faculty members from disciplines with less substantial start-up funds and limited extramural funding opportunities.  

  • Humanities and Social Science faculty members (e.g. tenured, tenure-track, research, prof. of practice)
  • Maximum $5,000. Funding is limited and awarded on a competitive basis.
  • Two rounds of awards are considered each year with the following deadline dates: September 30; March 15.

More information

Final report

Funding is valid upon notification of the award and available for one year from the notification date. A one to three page written report is due within four weeks of the program funding end date and must summarize the activities and accomplishments.  This report is also required for the reimbursement of travel expenses.  

Email the report to:


  1. Go to NuGrant
  2. Select “Create New Application”
  3. Select "ENHANCE CAS"


Spring 2017

  • Sarah Gervais, Psychology
  • Jeannette Jones, History
  • Laura White, English
  • Rachael Shah, English
  • Alexander Vazansky, History
  • Kelly Stage, English

Summer 2017

  • David Cahan, History
  • Marco Abel, English
  • Amelia Montes, English
  • Michael Lippman, Classics and Religious Studies

Fall 2017

  • To be announced

Spring 2016

  • Heather Richards-Rissetto, Anthropology
  • Matthew Loar, Classics and Religious Studies
  • Dona-Gene Barton, Political Science
  • Lisa Kort-Butler, Sociology
  • Richard Edwards, Great Plains Studies
  • Maureen Honey, English
  • James Garza, History
  • Beverly Rilett, English

Summer 2016

  • Kelsy Burke, Sociology
  • Waskar Ari, History
  • Patrice McMahon, Political Science

Fall 2016

  • Kirk Dombrowski, Sociology
  • Marco Abel, English
  • Max Mueller, Classics and Religious Studies
  • Rupal Mehta, Political Science
  • Nora Peterson, Modern Languages and Literatures

Spring 2015

  • Effie Athanassopoulos, Anthropology 
  • Melissa Homestead, English 
  • Timothy Schaffert, English
  • Guy Reynolds, English
  • David Cahan, History
  • Ikuho Amano, Modern Languages 
  • Albert Cassullo, Philosophy 
  • Colin McLear, Philosophy
  • Courtney Hillebrecht, Political Science
  • Alice Kang, Political Science
  • Sergio Wals, Political Science
  • Debra Hope, Psychology
  • Rose Holz, Women's and Gender Studies

Summer 2015

  • Maureen Honey, English
  • Emily Kazyak, Sociology
  • Damien Pfister, Communication Studies
  • Julia McQuillan, Sociology
  • Marco Abel, English
  • Jody Kellas, Communication Studies

Fall 2015

  • Kwakiutl Dreher, English
  • Michael Dodd, Psychology
  • Vanessa Gorman, History
  • Amy Burnett, History
  • Carole Levin, History
  • Iker Gonzalez-Allende, Modern Languages
  • Patrice McMahon, Political Science
  • Ingrid Haas, Political Science

Fall 2014

  • Stephen Lahey, Classics
  • John Turner, Classics
  • Sidnie White Crawford, Classics
  • Peter Capuano, English
  • Roland Vegso, English
  • Sharisse Stenberg, English
  • Gerald Steinacher, History
  • Iker Gonzalez-Allende, Modern Languages
  • Jose Eduardo Gonzalez, Modern Languages
  • Dona-Gene Mitchell, Political Science
  • Elizabeth Theiss-Morse, Political Science
  • Alice Kang, Political Science
  • Dawne Curry, History