Faculty Searches


Biological Sciences

  • Assistant Professor of Practice, Human Physiology
    Contact: Mike Herman, Chair, mherman5@unl.edu
  • Assistant Professor, Behavior Molecular Neurobiology
    Contact: Mike Herman, Chair, mherman5@unl.edu

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

  • Assistant Professor, Regional Climate Modeling/Meteorology
    Contact: Clint Rowe, Chair, crowe1@unl.edu

Global Studies

  • Assistant Professor of Practice, Global Development/Human Rights
    Contact: Sophia Perdikaris, Interim Director, sperdikaris2@unl.edu


  • Assistant Professor, Algebra and Geometry
    Contact: Mark Walker, Search Committee Chair, mark.walker@unl.edu


  • Assistant Professor, Ethics
    Contact: Jennifer McKitrick, Chair, jmckitrick2@unl.edu

Political Science

  • Assistant Professor, American Politics/Political Psychology
    Contact: John Hibbing, Search Committee Chair, jhibbing1@unl.edu


  • Assistant Professor, Quantitative Methods
    Contact: Rick Bevins, Chair, rbevins1@unl.edu