Family and Medical Leave

For more information, contact Human Resources at 472-3106

Policy manual

Family and medical leave can provide you with up to 12-weeks of job protection in any given 12-month period for the following reasons:

  1. to address a serious health condition of an immediate family member such as your child, parent, or spouse;
  2. to address a serious health condition of yours which prevents you from performing essential job functions$
  3. to address maternal or paternal concerns associated with the birth of a child or the placement of a child with your family for adoption or foster care; or
  4. in association with a death in the immediate family.

Specifically, this protection means you will be eligible for the same position or a position of equivalent status, pay, and benefits upon your return from family and medical leave.

To be eligible for family and medical leave, you must be a regular academic/administrative, managerial/professional or office/service employee with an FTE of 50% or greater or hold another form of employment (such as a graduate assistantship or temporary appointment) and have worked for at least 1,250 hours during the year preceding the start of the requested leave.

Recognizing that some serious health conditions and/or their treatments can be periodic or intermittent by nature, these twelve weeks may be taken as you need them -- all at one time or as needed over a 12-month period. During these 12-weeks, you may take sick leave or vacation leave to retain your pay status. If you exhaust your accrued leave balances or choose not to use them, you will be placed on unpaid leave. The University will charge time against your family and medical leave balance based on information provided by time cards and leave slips.

You may be requested to provide medical certification of your illness or the illness of your child, parent, or spouse in those cases where leave is taken to act as care giver. Additional medical certifications may be required over the duration of the leave. Failure to provide requested medical certifications may result in the cancellation of continued family and medical leave. A fitness-for-duty report may also be required upon your return to work.

You will continue to be eligible for your current coverage under the University's insured benefits program while on family and medical leave. If you usually use payroll deduction to pay for a portion of your benefit and retirement plan, you must continue to make those payments while on leave. While you retain paid status, the University will continue to make payroll deductions toward this coverage. If you go on unpaid leave, you must continue to make payments, either in person or by mail, in order to continue coverage. Please contact the Benefits Department at 472-2600 regarding details and requirements of benefit coverage during family and medical leave.

Updated Aug, 99