Jessica Bateman, Ambassador

Jessica Bateman


English, Medieval and Renaissance Studies



Omaha, NE

Why you chose your major

I love reading and writing and would like to be a published author. I've been reading about medieval/early modern history for a decade and wanted to formally study it. Plus I can joke about getting a degree in King Arthur.

Favorite course

ENGL 210L: Arthur in Literature and Legend

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Research or internship experience

I'm an intern in the acquisitions department of the University of Nebraska Press. I get to work with rights, contracts, and copyright--or basically things that don't deal with the book manuscript. These are invisible skills which will help me greatly if I work in publishing in the future.

Other involvement

Honors Program, William H. Thompson Scholars, Latter-day Saint Student Association. I often attend Medieval and Renaissance Studies and English department events, as well.

Why you chose Nebraska

I'm completely dependent on scholarships to go to college and UNL gave me the best offer. My older sister is a student here. Between her, a welcoming local church community, and my family living only an hour away, it was perfect. It's also rare for a university to have a medieval studies program for undergraduates. I enjoy studying MedRen, so it would take a lot for me to consider transferring schools.

Student Ambassadors group

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