Kelbey Ahrens

Kelbey Ahrens


Biological Sciences, Psychology (Pre-Medicine)



Blue Earth, MN

Why you chose your major

I chose Biology because it was one of the few courses in high school that kept me intrigued. This is ultimately the study of how we are all here and I knew that there was so much more to learn; I could never get bored. With great support from my Biology teacher, I decided it would be the perfect major to fit my pre-health path.

I came in to college with many dual-enrollment credits, making it difficult for me to maintain a "full-time" status. With help from the amazing CAS advisors, we found that my interests in neurology would benefit from a major in Psychology, so I took the opportunity and added it as my second major. From there, the Biochemistry minor just fell into place.

Favorite and/or most impactful course

Chemistry II (CHEM 110) is a class that has had the most impact on me thus far. Throughout high school, coursework generally came to me easily. Therefore, when I entered Chemistry II and it was very challenging for me, it was a wake-up call that I needed to make changes. Throughout the semester, I slowly learned how to change my study habits, my learning routines, and how to devote my time accordingly. Not only did this course make me better myself academically, but it really introduced me to the concepts of lab work and group study sessions.

Other involvement

I am currently involved in the Biology Club and the Big Red Ski and Snowboard Club. I hope to become more involved as COVID allows, especially in medical or child-focused groups.

Why you chose Nebraska

When I began my college search, I knew that I wanted to be further from home and go out-of-state. Leaving my friends and family behind meant that I needed to build strong relationships in my new environment. As I toured, there were many nice campuses, but that connection to home was always missing. However, when I came to Nebraska that changed; I felt welcomed, supported, and at home. As I begin my college journey here at Nebraska, that all remains true; we are one big family with so many opportunities to grow together. That is truly the most important aspect of college and we are blessed enough to have that right here!

Student Ambassadors group

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