Lauren Rothgeb

Lauren Rothgeb


Biological Sciences, Spanish (Pre-Med)


Biochemistry, History

Shawnee, KS

Why you chose your major

I've always had a somewhat eclectic group of interests. For a long time, I assumed if I was on a pre-medical track, I would have to stick to some type of STEM major. While I love science, I have a passion for the humanities too. Luckily, I quickly realized just how easy it is to mix and match majors within the College of Arts and Sciences. Biology, Spanish, Biochemistry, History—I love them all and it excites me to be able to study within each of my interest areas.

Favorite and/or most impactful course

My absolute favorite course I have taken (hands down) was my Honors seminar, HIST 189H or 20th Century Chinese History. The class was a small one and largely centered around discussion. The subject of the course itself was fascinating and the class was energetic and upbeat (which, stereotypically, isn't always associated with history classes). This class ended up contributing to my desire to minor in history.

Research or internship experience

I am currently in the process of joining the Behavioral Neuropharmacology Lab at UNL. I have yet to gain the experiences themselves, but I am ridiculously excited to get started.

Other involvement

I participate in Greek Life and hold two appointed positions in my sorority chapter. I am also involved in the Honors program at the university.

Why you chose Nebraska

Coming from out of state, Nebraska wasn't on my radar for most of high school. An off-handed comment from a friend about her tour at UNL inspired me to make the three hour drive and visit Nebraska on the spur of the moment. This impulsive decision ended up being one of my best. I toured Nebraska and instantly fell in love with the campus, the academic opportunities, and—more than anything—the people. I felt welcomed by the community here at UNL and could tell from the short visit that the people here wanted to see me succeed and were more than willing to provide me with the guidance and resources I needed to get there. I am ridiculously proud to attend this university and participate in the community that has made me feel so welcomed from the second I stepped on campus.

Student Ambassadors group

Student Ambassadors are undergraduate students who talk to prospective students, parents, alumni, and the general public about the college.