Morgan Glup, Ambassador

Morgan Glup


Anthropology, Global Studies



Willmar, MN

Why you chose your major

I was an undeclared student for almost my whole freshman year. Coming into college, I already had an interest in Anthropology and after taking a few introductory courses I decided that I wanted to declare it as a major. When talking to my advisor my first semester she asked me about my interests and mentioned she thought I might like to study Global Studies. I wasn't aware that Global Studies was a major, but I took one of the introductory courses and really liked it. After the first course, I knew I wanted to take more courses covering similar material.

Favorite course

One of my favorite courses I have taken is Introduction to Biological Anthropology. This is a required course for my anthropology major and going into it I was a concerned because of the biological aspect of the course. However, I ended up really enjoying the material that the class covered, specifically the different species along the human evolutionary line. This course sparked an interest for a different aspect of anthropology that I hadn't previously thought about. A course that I have really enjoyed outside of my major is Classical Mythology. This was a fun, interesting class that pointed out many of the impacts the classical world still has on today's culture.

Other involvement

The different campus organizations I am involved with include CAS ambassadors, Honors, Ambassadors, and Greek life. As part of these organizations I get the opportunity attend events such as Dance Marathon and The Big Event. I also enjoy participating in the intramural soccer leagues and going climbing at the Outdoor Adventure Center!

Why you chose Nebraska

When looking at different colleges, I knew I wanted a bigger school and also that I wanted to be a little farther away from home. My dad is from Nebraska so I visited campus. I was given a great tour and was able to speak with different advisors in my interest areas. I really liked the campus and was offered financial aid which also contributed to my decision.

Student Ambassadors group

Student Ambassadors are undergraduate students who talk to prospective students, parents, alumni, and the general public about the college.