Ovation for Alivia Michalski

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An Ovation for

Alivia Michalski

Student worker
Department of Communication Studies

August 2018

“Alivia Michalski is a joy to work with. She is intelligent, considerate, and always cheerful. She does every task willingly and accurately; she has a can-do attitude which never fails. Alivia’s contributions are invaluable to the Louise Pound Hall Business Cooperative. She approaches every assignment with a calm good humor that is much appreciated. Alivia is very creative and brings her many talents to her job. Alivia is a bright, thoughtful person – she adds interesting perspectives to any conversation. Her sense of humor is delightful, and she makes our workplace a happier place to be. Please give Alivia an Ovation!”

- - -

“Alivia been with us since her freshman year. When we need to identify a work study student to take on a project that needs the highest degree of care and attention to detail, she is the student we call on most often. For example, she has helped our office with all aspects of the department’s with the Honors & Awards Reception for the last two years, including coming in on Sunday to work at the event. She has taken responsibilities to help compile course evaluation packets to get ready to go out to the instructors, worked on the department newsletter. In addition to the great work, Alivia has a wonderful part of our close departmental culture. For example, at present we are neck deep in moving, mess, and boxes and she has brought some levity to the work, creating a tower of boxes with photos of our administrative staff on them. Alivia Michalski is an important part of Communication Studies and we would very much like to honor her work an Ovation Award. ”

- - -

“I enthusiastically nominate Ms. Alivia Michalski to receive an Ovation Award from the College of Arts & Sciences. Alivia is a student worker in our departmental office. She approaches and completes all of her responsibilities with competency, efficiency and grace. She often completes work orders I've submitted BEFORE the deadline and I've never needed to ask her to re-do a project. I've grown to count on her timeliness and careful attention to detail. In addition, I recently chose to seek her assistance with an important administrative task because I knew she would complete the work carefully and responsibly. Last, you may know that our department is in the process of preparing to move to Louise Pound Hall within the coming weeks. Being in a state of transition has created challenges for our normally highly organized office operation. Alivia has handled these challenges with maturity, grace and humor. For all of these reasons, I personally applaud Alivia and strongly recommend her for an Ovation Award!”

- - -

“Alivia has been with the Communication Studies department since she was a freshman and she will be graduating in May 2019. Alivia is one of those student workers that you can trust with anything she does. She has, from the beginning, been very thorough and careful doing her work whether it be copies for classes, transcribing focus groups for a faculty member, spreadsheets, putting together evaluation packets, or any of the other variety of tasks she may be asked to do. She is very dependable and is always here on time even the early morning shifts! Alivia is very personable and gets along very well with all the faculty and GTA's or students that may come into the office requiring tasks to be done. To say we are going to miss her after her May graduation is an understatement. Alivia is just another one of the Communication Studies student workers that is so deserving of an Ovation!”

- - -

“Alivia is one of the best! She’s such an asset as a Work/Study student. She learns quickly and is very careful about her work. She is willing to take on any task we have asked her to do from transcription to helping faculty pack for an upcoming move. She is always friendly and eager to be busy. She accepts and enjoys people and shows everyone respect. Alivia is always dependable. We can count on her being here whenever she is scheduled to work. Every time she comes in, she is smiling and asking what she can do. She is just plain fun to work with and makes everyone around her smile.”