Ovation for Amelia Burkinshaw

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An Ovation for

Amelia Burkinshaw

Student worker
Academic and Career Advising Center

August 2017

“Amelia is a quick learner and she fits in well in the Advising Center—she goes above and beyond. She is always willing to help out even in other departments when they need a helping hand when they are short-handed. We appreciate all she does for our office and we feel she deserves an Ovation award!”

- - -

“Amelia has been with the Advising Center for over a year now, and she has worked to master all of the duties of her role within the Advising Center. Amelia has gone beyond the call of duty to deliver mail in the cold, heat, and generally terrible Nebraska weather, but she never complains about it. She endeavors to help students within the Advising Center while working to further the goals of the office, which can be difficult for someone who isn’t in the office full time. Amelia has even volunteered to work extra time in the Department of Modern Languages to help them fill in gaps with their office staff. For being super awesome, I believe that Amelia deserves an Ovation!”

- - -

“Amelia does an exemplary job of supporting the Advising Center. She is always a positive face at the front desk and is one of the main reasons that the plant in my office is still alive. Amelia is an integral part of the Advising Center team and for that she deserves an Ovation!”