Ovation for Edgar Montoya

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An Ovation for

Edgar Montoya

Student worker
Oldfather Business Cooperative, CAS Dean's Office

April 2019

“Although Edgar is not technically employed in my department, he has saved the day on multiple occasions. With staff shortages, he has filled in for us several times to help cover the office while permanent staff members were out. Despite often being asked to help with difficult jobs like moving boxes of books, he always pitches in with a positive attitude. Edgar often offers to do more and is always a welcome member of our team!”

- - -

“Edgar is in his second year as a student worker extraordinaire for the Oldfather Business Cooperative. He is always willing to help out when and wherever needed. As a business major he understands the importance of accuracy and confidentiality in everything we ask him to help with. He is professional, respectful and reliable. He is a great addition to the OBC team and is deserving of recognition with an Ovation Award!”

- - -

“Edgar does a great job in the OBC assisting clients that walk in the door. He is always extremely polite and helpful. In addition, he communicates well with all team members and clients. We appreciate his energy and care for others!”

- - -

“Edgar is a delightful young man that has worked with the OBC since the Fall of 2017. He comes in each day with a smile and willingness to work. He never complains and gets the work completed immediately. When people come into the office (or calls) he greets them with a friendly smile and is always professional. We enjoy having Edgar in our office and I hope he can receive the Ovation to show him how much he is appreciated!”

- - -

“Edgar has grown tremendously as a young professional during his short tenure in the OBC. He is happy to help anyone who needs it and takes the time to greet each person as well as colleagues within the OBC. He helps with a smile and is always willing to assist no matter the task. He's even learned to love filing!! I've truly grown to count on his help and trust him implicitly with the work I give him to complete. Please give him an Ovation!”