Ovation for Luke Novack

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An Ovation for

Luke Novack

Student worker
Department of Sociology REACH Lab

October 2018

“As our research assistant at the REACH Lab, Luke consistently goes above and beyond to assist our team. He frequently offers to help with tasks that other students would avoid (like cleaning out basement storage rooms and making multiple trips to recycling bins when we clean out our supply space). He is the first to volunteer to run mail and materials across campus, even in the rain and snow. He is a joy to have in the office and always takes on research related tasks with enthusiasm and excitement. Luke is reliable and consistent in his work. He rarely ever misses a day when he is scheduled and he is detailed-oriented and efficient with his assignments. He is a natural leader and provides a great resource for our new undergraduate student hires. Luke definitely deserves an ovation and it is my pleasure to nominate him for this award.”

- - -

“Luke is an undergrad worker in our department. In addition to research-oriented work he does for other members of our offices in Benton Hall, Luke is always willing to help out with whatever small tasks I may ask him to complete. Whether he is helping to get mailings out to survey participants or stuff interview packets with consent forms, he is always eager to work, efficient with time management and does a professional job. He is friendly, pleasant and always has a can-do attitude. He will be sorely missed!”

- - -

“Luke Novack is a hardworking and talented student who I believe should receive the CAS Ovation Award. Mr. Novack is currently an undergraduate student at UNL pursuing a double major in sociology and biology. He has worked for me as a part-time undergraduate research assistant (UGRA) at the Research, Evaluation, and Analysis for Community Health (REACH) Lab since May, 2017. Throughout his time working here in the lab, he has pursued significant tasks that require considerable personal initiative. The level of organization, and more importantly, self-direction and focus required for his projects is immense. In all, these accomplishments make Mr. Novack an ideal candidate for this award. Luke is creative and ambitious and I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with him.”