Ovation for Tristan Brott

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An Ovation for

Tristan Brott

Student worker
School of Biological Sciences

March 2018

“From the minute he stepped in the door on his first day of work, Tristan Brott “hit the ground running.” He came in to the SBS Stockroom/Receiving operation when we had no Stockroom Supervisor. Being a highly responsible and dependable individual, he was available to work for a significant number of hours each week, contributing to our ability to resume sufficient stockroom hours. Always ready and available for whatever job was at hand, Tristan and his teammates did a highly commendable job of accomplishing a very challenging lab cleanup, from initial removal of lab tape from EVERY drawer and door in the lab to final removal of garbage and recyclables. Tristan has a good business sense, and he has contributed valuable thoughts and ideas for implementing improvements in our operations. With his personable and pleasant demeanor, Tristan has been a welcome team player with all of our staff in Manter, Beadle and Morrison. Please give him an Ovation!”

- - -

“Tristan has been a great addition to our office as he quickly learned the tasks that needed to be done and has done all that is asked of him without hesitation - no matter how big or small the job. He helped with the cleaning out of scientific labs, delivering of packages, and emptying the recycling bins in the building. He helped keep the stockroom inventory replenished, brought up the packing lists, and completed the monthly stockroom charges report. He did all of this with a smile on his face and a wonderful sense of humor. He is a very personable and enjoyable individual to have around the office. He is graduating in May 2018 and already has a job waiting for him. He is will be greatly missed in the department.”

- - -

“Tristan has been so helpful with the stock room. When he started working for us in August 2017, he took the stock room under his wing, and has learned everything there is to know about it. He is always willing to run errands and to deliver items. He is always the first to volunteer to do the hard work. He has always had a positive outlook on everything he has done. He has a very pleasant personality and will always walk by with a smile saying “Good Morning” or “How is your day going”. Tristan deserves an Ovation because he is a hard worker, great with people, and always willing to go the extra mile. The stock room will not be the same without him when he graduates in May.”

- - -

“When Tristan started, we were without a storeroom manager. Tristan stepped in and learned the system very quickly, from receiving packages, checking them into the system and delivering them, getting the paperwork to the correct people, driving between Manter, Beadle and Morrison several times a week to make sure supplies etc were delivered and picked up in a timely fashion, plus taking on any other errands or issues that needed to be done. All done with a smile and positive attitude. Tristan is delightful to work with and we will be sad to see him go. In addition to his great work for us, Tristan succeeds in life as well. He has already secured a position as an Ag Loan Officer after his graduation in May 2018. Tristan is a great role model and I wish him all the best in his future!”