Renna Fielder

Renna Fielder




Political Science, Communication Studies, English, Art History & Criticism

Lincoln, NE

Why you chose your major

In high school I had the privilege of attending a research based school and through my senior thesis I discovered my interest in sociology and studying human interactions. Luckily, my major gives me the opportunity to take a wide variety of classes and in doing so I discovered other topics that inspired me to learn more and was able to add my multiple minors.

Favorite and/or most impactful course

A class that I took called Sociology of Mass Media had a big impact on narrowing down my area of interest and influencing my future education plans. In this class I studied how gender, sexuality, and race have been portrayed in different types of media over time. Through doing so I learned that I am very interested in they way the human experience is portrayed in popular media as well as the way media affects everyday interactions. Now I am hoping to continue learning about this in graduate school.

Other involvement

I have been involved with the UNL global experiences office. I recently went on a faculty-led study abroad program to Ireland and the United Kingdom where I learned about negotiating peace and conflict resolution at an international level. I plan to study abroad again this year in Amsterdam where I will learn about gender and sexuality through a Dutch perspective. My involvement with global experiences at UNL had made me want to eventually attend a post-graduate masters program in Europe.

Why you chose Nebraska

I grew up here in Lincoln and have a parent who works at the university so I was well immersed in the Husker spirit and environment all my life. When it was time to decide where to go to college I originally opted to move away from home to get a new experience and ended up doing my freshman year at an out-of-state institution.

However, I came to realize I was more focused on getting away from home that I didn’t really take into account all of the awesome things UNL had to offer, whether it be within education or campus activities. At the start of my sophomore year I made the decision to move back to my hometown to attend UNL and couldn't be happier with my choice.

Student Ambassadors group

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