Robyn Benes Ovation

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An Ovation for

Robyn Benes

Student worker
Bureau for Sociological Research

November 2017

“I work alongside Robyn Benes and I have found her to be a very polite, friendly, and helpful co-worker. She always has a good attitude and is willing to work as a team member on whatever project she is put on. She also is a quick learner, reliable, and has a very pleasant personality which seems to compliment whomever she is working with. I really enjoy her smiling face, and she is so deserving of an Ovation!”

- - -

“For the past two years, Robyn has been an outstanding student worker here at the Bureau of Sociological Research. She continually shows commitment and dedication to her employment here and has worked in all facets of our business from telephone interviewing to transcription to data entry. Robyn completes any tasks we give her not only promptly, but with a great degree of accuracy as well. The quality of her work is so high that we often feel comfortable having her assist with higher-level tasks, which is rare for someone in her job. Not only does she excel in her level of workmanship; she maintains a positive and joyous outlook that continually makes our office more pleasant.”

- - -

“We can always count on Robyn to complete much more complex tasks. She is always accountable, and puts in the time and effort on everything she works on. When she is not sure what to do, she is not afraid to ask questions. Robyn is also one we can count to meet deadlines of projects, and she understands the urgency that some of our projects have. Robyn is a dedicated individual overall and deserves to be up for nomination.”

- - -

“At BOSR we have employed many undergraduate students throughout the years, and Robyn is one of the best. Her work ethic is hard to top. She has exceeded expectations in so many ways, and has even been able to take on tasks that are normally beyond the level of her current position. When one of us needs help with a project, we know we can always count on Robyn.”

- - -

“Robyn has worked at BOSR for over two years. She quickly showed the project staff that she is very capable of higher-level tasks. Robyn is regularly brought on to help with challenging projects, especially those where attention to detail and ability to work well under pressure are key. Robyn has impressed me not only as an employee, but as an undergraduate employee. BOSR is frequently the first professional position that many of our data workers have had. As a result, we are use to a certain amount of training on what is expected of an employee. From the moment Robyn was hired, she has always been incredibly professional and is one of our most reliable employees. BOSR is lucky to have Robyn as an employee, and UNL is lucky to have her as a student. Please give her an Ovation!”