Ryan Soderquist, Ambassador

Ryan Soderquist


Geography, Economics


Community and Regional Planning

Omaha, NE

Why you chose your major

I first looked at potential careers that seemed interesting and Urban Planning stood out. I enjoyed my geography classes in high school and learned that geography was a good major for urban planning, so I chose that as my first major. I added economics spring of my freshman year when I realized I was interested in that field of study after taking AP Macroeconomics in high school and Principles of Microeconomics that same spring semester my freshman year.

Favorite course

GEOG - 447 Political Geography was my first course above the 200-level so I was intimidated at first, but also incredibly excited because right from the first day the class was very interesting. The professor was engaging and encouraged us to discuss our ideas. We looked at politics on a global level, as well as a national and local level. The class was the difficult at times, but it was a very rewarding class.

Other involvement

I'm the Program Assistant for the LGBTQA+ Peer Mentor Program, the Vice-President/Treasurer for the Geography Student Organization, and a Student Ambassador for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Why you chose Nebraska

In-State tuition and the fact that it was close to home were huge selling points, but the largest factor is probably the campus itself. UNL has a lot of people which was a positive for me, plus the campus itself is fairly compact so it's relatively easy to walk across campus without feeling overwhelmed.

Student Ambassadors group

Student Ambassadors are undergraduate students who talk to prospective students, parents, alumni, and the general public about the college.