Savana Brakeman

Savana Brakeman


Political Science, Psychology

Lincoln, NE

Favorite and/or most impactful course

The class that has made the biggest impact on me is POLS 250 with Dr. Hibbing. It has opened my eyes to a new perspective on Trump supporters and why politics have become so polarized, as well as how we are predisposed to identify with one ideology over another. My favorite class has been my Cornhusker Marching Band class period. It has been an amazing experience to meet new people and continue my passion with music. 

Research or internship experience

I have been a legislative page for the Nebraska legislature. I work closely with senators and their staff during committee hearings and floor debate. I also assist the Clerk's office and provide necessary help to the office. 

Other involvement

As mentioned previously, I am a member of the Cornhusker Marching Band!

Why you chose Nebraska

I chose to attend UNL because I wanted to join a college that had excellent political science and psychology programs to enhance my education and prepare me well for my future job as a lawyer.  

Student Ambassadors group

Student Ambassadors are undergraduate students who talk to prospective students, parents, alumni, and the general public about the college.