Sydney Williams, Ambassador

Sydney Williams


Nutrition Sciences


Spanish, Humanities in Medicine (Pre-med)

Central City, NE

Why you chose your major

With being pre-med I wanted to choose a science major that really focused on the human body and Nutrition Sciences seemed to be the perfect fit.

Favorite course

A photography class that I took during the summer because it was a nice break from my constant science courses and was a fun and relaxing class.

Research or internship experience

I did and internship with the physiology department which not only helped me learn how to talk to my peers in an authority position but also helped reinforce the information that will be so crucial for me in the future as a doctor.

Other involvement

I am in a sorority on campus which has helped me with both my leadership skills and service, I currently hold the academic chair position which has really helped me learn to communicate with others and also my service has been a big part of my college career especially because greek life is so prevalent in volunteering and really helps encourage you to get involved.

Why you chose Nebraska

My entire family went to UNL and on my first visit it just felt right and comfortable to be on campus. I just knew right away.

Student Ambassadors group

Student Ambassadors are undergraduate students who talk to prospective students, parents, alumni, and the general public about the college.