Tessa Jacobmeier

Tessa Jacobmeier


Global Studies, Spanish


Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs

Bellevue, NE

Why you chose your major

I chose to major in Global Studies because there's no limits with this major. It allows me to achieve my main goal of learning more about the world and finding ways to help others, while giving me the opportunity to use my other interests. The major has a wide range of career options. This was important to me because there were many careers I was considering or interested in and I never wanted to feel as if I was stuck with one choice.

I decided to major in Spanish because languages have always interested me, and learning how to communicate to different groups of people has always been important to me. I chose to minor in Human Rights after my freshman year. Through my classes I realized how passionate I was about learning more, and I knew it’s a path I wanted to continue after graduating.

Favorite and/or most impactful course

My GLST201: Intro to Global Studies class has had the biggest impact on me. Not only was it a class that covered topics that I am interested in and passionate about, but I was also able to learn a lot more about my major. I was shown how many opportunities and pathways I can choose from when I graduate. The class definitely helped open my eyes to how many options I had and provided me with the tools that will help me get to my desired career path.

Research or internship experience

I have not had any research an internship experience yet but I hope to in the future.

Other involvement

I am a part of the University Program Council, and a member of UNL Students for Human Rights.I am also a tutor at Lincoln Literacy.

Why you chose Nebraska

Ever since I started thinking about college, I knew I wanted to be a Husker. I've loved the the environment and how welcoming everyone is at UNL.

Student Ambassadors group

Student Ambassadors are undergraduate students who talk to prospective students, parents, alumni, and the general public about the college.