Tyler Freimuth

Tyler Freimuth


Global Studies, History, German


Political Science, National Security Studies

Omaha, NE

Why you chose your major

I chose History and Global Studies with originally a minor in German because, I loved history and it would go well with Global Studies, and with Global Studies I wanted to do something with international relations and the program we have here looked really good for that. I originally had German as a minor because I wanted to continue learning a language and had took some classes in high school, because I went abroad to study German I had enough credits to raise it to a major instead of a minor.

For my National Security Studies I decided to add that on because it went with what I wanted to focus on with my global studies major and for Political Science, because with National Security Studies you take a lot of poly sci classes, I figured out I can do a minor in that without having to take many more classes, so I decided to add that on.

Favorite and/or most impactful course

The class that had the biggest impact on me was Intro to National Security, because it really helped cement what I wanted to do and study

Research or internship experience

When I was studying abroad in Germany, after completing the spring semester program, I had the opportunity to stay longer and do an internship. I interned with a company called Polyspektiv, where they developed new and interesting ideas for political education. They developed: board games, role playing games, escape rooms, and much more.

While I was there I was able to take part and help run a game hosted by the German government in the Bundestag and was able to travel to Poland to take part in Europe Day, a celebration of founding of the European Union.

Why you chose Nebraska

It was close to my home, and it had a good Global Studies Program
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