William Hattery

William Hattery


Political Science, History


National Security Studies, Communication Studies

Reading, Massachusetts

Favorite and/or most impactful course

A class I took on the history of the Cold War was very impactful as the professor was a 25 year U.S. Air Force veteran and shared a lot of his real world experience with the Soviets and how that can apply to modern issues facing the U.S. and world. My favorite course I have taken so far at UNL has been a class on U.S. foreign policy as the content and discussion we have applies to the U.S. impact on history being made as we speak.

Other involvement

I am currently a student worker with the office of admissions and I work as a Campus Host and a Frontline Worker. I am also a student leader with the campus ministry, The Navigators, where I lead a Bible study and am the emcee for our events!

Why you chose Nebraska

Coming out of high school I knew I wanted a new and unique experience that was nothing like what I was used to growing up in Massachusetts, and UNL has provided that. The appeal of a beautiful campus, wicked nice people, tuition affordability, and Husker football was too great a combination to pass up!

Student Ambassadors group

Student Ambassadors are undergraduate students who talk to prospective students, parents, alumni, and the general public about the college.