William Hattery

William Hattery


Political Science, History


National Security Studies, Communication Studies

Reading, Massachusetts

Why you chose your major

I have always been good at studying and understanding the history and political science academic realms and felt majors in that would be an excellent continuation of that pursuit. Each aiding me in some fashion or another for my career pursuits post college.

Favorite and/or most impactful course

A class I took on the history of the Cold War was very impactful as the professor was a 25 year U.S. Air Force veteran and shared a lot of his real world experience with the Soviets and how that can apply to modern issues facing the U.S. and world.

My favorite course I have taken so far at UNL has been a class on U.S. foreign policy as the content and discussion we have applies to the U.S. impact on history being made as we speak.

Research or internship experience

I had an internship in Melbourne, Australia where I worked for a startup business consulting company for three months. I met wand worked with many up and coming companies both in Australia and the United States as I was a key member of a fast paced team seeking to aid the new startups in any way we could.

Other involvement

I am currently a student worker with the office of admissions and I work as a Campus Host and a Frontline Worker. I am also heavily involved with campus ministries both participating in and leading different Bible studies.

Why you chose Nebraska

Coming out of high school I knew I wanted a new and unique experience that was nothing like what I was used to growing up in Massachusetts, and UNL has provided that. The appeal of a beautiful campus, wicked nice people, tuition affordability, and Husker football was too great a combination to pass up!

Student Ambassadors group

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