College Faculty Funding Programs

CAS COVID Relief Grants

Aims to jumpstart research substantially hindered during Covid, to address inequities in research capacity from Covid, to remedy the disproportionate impact of Covid on faculty research programs, and to boost the number and quality of CAS proposals for external funding during Covid.

This program is intended for faculty without startup funds or other internal funding and prioritizes supporting pilot projects, necessary travel, or proofs-of-concept for specific, targeted external funding programs.

CAS Interdisciplinary Research Team Grants

Aims to develop and enhance research teams across two or more disciplines, cognate areas (humanities, social sciences, and physical and natural sciences), or colleges.

Priorities: advancing research in areas no single discipline will undertake on its own; combining modes of disciplinary thinking to advance knowledge; creating teams that address complex problems to improve lives.

CAS Research Impact and Engagement Grants

Aims to support the completion and dissemination of research, to enhance community-based or engaged research, and to elevate the national and international impact of CAS research and creative activity.

Priorities: supporting international travel for research presentations; enhancing publication quality, visibility, and reach; fostering CAS research and creative activities in partnership with communities that are mutually beneficial, collaborative, and reciprocal.

CAS Spark Grants

Aims to enhance early-stage research, including idea generation, prospectus development, writing, grant narrative development, experimentation, research travel, and creative exploration.

Priorities: supporting early and mid-career faculty with less substantial start-up funds and limited extramural funding opportunities.

CAS Strategic Priorities Grants

Aims to support and encourage team-based, collaborative research and creative activity focused on the College of Arts and Science's strategic plan and the university's grand challenges.

Instructional Improvement Fund

Gives incentives for planning and implementing significant undergraduate instructional improvement projects addressing one of six specified objectives.