Adjunct and Courtesy Appointments

Adjunct and Courtesy appointments are intended to facilitate productive interactions with faculty in other institutions or other units, respectively.  Appointments are not tenure-track and are not eligible for salary or benefits. Visit the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor's web page Guidelines for Faculty Titles for more information.

This page describes requirements and procedures associated with Adjunct and Courtesy appointments in the college.



  1. Nominees should have a terminal degree appropriate for the appointing unit and must have a faculty and/or academic/administrative appointment within the NU system.
  2. Based upon the nominee’s expertise and/or abilities, the appointment is anticipated to facilitate useful and productive relationships with the unit or members of the unit.


  1. Nominees should have a terminal degree appropriate for the appointing unit.  Exceptions are possible for nominees possessing nationally or internationally recognized expertise in an area critical to the unit mission.
  2. Based upon the nominee’s expertise and abilities, the appointment offers opportunities for the establishment of a fruitful relationship related to research, teaching, and/or service/outreach. 
  3. Adjunct appointment is a formal affiliation with UNL and nominees should have demonstrated an interest in supporting the mission and goals of the unit, the College, and the University.


Adjunct and Courtesy appointments must be authorized by the Executive Vice Chancellor on the basis of a departmental/unit nomination and College endorsement.  The nomination package must include: 

  1. a cover letter
  2. a draft letter of appointment
  3. the nominee’s curriculum vitae

Materials should be sent to the Associate Dean for Faculty.

Cover letter

The cover letter or e-mail, which should come from the unit director, can be brief, but must report on the motion and vote of the faculty on the questions of appointment and term.

For example: “On a 15:2:0 vote, the faculty of  [Appointing Department]  recommend the appointment of Prof. Joan Chiral, currently [describe current position at UNL or another institution], as an Adjunct Professor of [Field] member for the period 9/1/2021 through 8/31/2026.” 

Note: Adjunct appointments do not include rank; Courtesy appointments are typically assigned at the nominee’s rank in the home unit/appointment.

If there are important considerations that will not be listed in the draft letter of appointment, they can be included in the cover note.

Letters of Appointment

Templates for appointment letters are available on the EVC's website.