Alumni Enews Fall 2020

Emergency support for students

CAS Cares with thank you

When we found ourselves in the midst of a global health pandemic, the CAS CARES emergency fund suddenly took on added urgency and importance as many of our students confronted unanticipated financial needs—often due to a combination of medical expenses and diminished work opportunities for themselves and their families.

With your help, we quickly raised $100,000 and these funds have gone directly toward providing critical emergency financial assistance to students otherwise making good academic progress. So far, you have helped over 30 students in our college—both undergraduate and graduate—stay on track toward their degree completion.

This fund was initially started to address graduation success rates. In many cases, it's about economics, not academics.

Research shows that, for those who don't reach graduation, the number is disproportionately higher among low-income, minority, and first-generation students.

The fund will address not only the urgent and immediate needs created by the upheaval from the pandemic but will remain in place permanently to help address the larger, ongoing issues of student retention and degree completion.

CAS impacts the local community through service

CAS Day of Service

We established CAS Day of Service this year as a way to engage our faculty, staff, and students to make an impact through volunteerism and support of people in need within our community.

Due to the pandemic, we made the inaugural "day" a nearly-month long effort of giving time, items, and financial donations that would benefit Husker Pantry and Food Bank of Lincoln in October.

“CAS Days of Service leverages our strength in numbers as a college and channels our shared commitment to be a good community partner to assist people in great need,” Dean Button said.

We look forward to continuing this outreach and growing it in the years to come.


Alumni and U

Alumni and U

One student. One alumni. One question, answered—which can start a great conversation that leads to opportunities to learn, grow, and network.

To further prepare students for the winding path of life after graduation, we're trying something new in 2021: having students ask those who have been there—such as yourselves—for advice. 

If you'd like to connect with students, provide your contact information on this form, and let's see where it takes us!

Alumna making a difference

Isabel Salas

Photo from Lincoln Journal Star.

Isabel Salas, '17, is a community organizer for the South of Downtown Community Development Organization.

The group recently helped build a new home at 1105 E. St., replacing an old property in order to benefit the neighborhood and start a broader discussion about affordable housing and wasted space.

At Nebraska, she majored in political science, global studies, and women's and gender studies, with a minor in human rights and humanitarian affairs.

She plans to earn a law degree while leaving options open for opportunities related to her interests in women's equality and immigrant/refugee communities.

Bonus moments of Isabel when she was a student at Nebraska:

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