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A monthly award honoring college employees who perform their jobs extraordinarily well!

We are fortunate to employ many highly competent, loyal, innovative staff members. Our mission could not be achieved without their efforts!

The Applause program recognizes innovative ideas, consistently outstanding performance, or service above and beyond the call of duty. Applause will be given for a valiant effort in either a failed attempt or a brilliant achievement.

2023 Applause awardees

Brooke Adam Crawley

Louise Pound Hall Business Cooperative

Vanja Bilinac

Oldfather Business Cooperative

Lejla Kulovac

Bureau of Sociological Research

Sarah Woodman

BPAC Business Center

Applause awardees archive

What happens when an Applause is given?

Monthly: Applause awards are given monthly. In addition to being recognized, Applause awardees receive: a cash award, goodies in their home department, and publication of their achievement through college electronic newsletter, social media channels, website, and digital signage.

Annually: Six candidates will receive an Annual Applause award at our annual celebration. The annual award winners receive additional cash awards and are nominated for the University KUDOS award program.

Who is eligible?

  • College of Arts and Sciences permanent employees
  • Managerial/Professional (B-line)
  • Clerical/Tech/Service (C-line)


The Applause program is sponsored by the Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences.

Who can nominate? How often can someone be nominated?

  • Anyone on- or off-campus can nominate an employee, including the employee.
  • Many nominations may be made for the same individual.
  • Nominations will not expire but may become "stale" after a few months, so we welcome regularly-submitted nominations.

How is someone selected?

  • An Applause Award Committee reviews nominations and makes recommendations for monthly/annual awards to the Assistant Dean.
  • A candidate may be selected more than once, but not for the same achievement.
  • Nominations may be selected for either the monthly or annual awards.