Applause for Alycia Harden

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An Applause for

Alycia Harden

Sr. Budget/Financial Analyst
Dean's Office


“When our academic HR specialist took maternity leave, Alycia shouldered a number of additional duties, many of which were not only time-consuming but required mastery of some relatively challenging processes (retirements, leaves, hiring authorizations and offers, memorandums and agreements). Alycia has been remarkably successful in her expanded role. She has outstanding skills and has modeled a very strong work ethic, a dedication to making sure things are done correctly, a willingness to take up new challenges, and a commitment to working effectively within teams. Overall, she has been indispensable in helping us move forward during a challenging year. ”

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“Alycia Harden goes beyond in her position, but has stepped it up by taking some of her colleagues responsibilities on while on leave. This is not a small feat, as it involves offer letters when they are coming in for 2021-2022. She is also tackling numerous other tasks on top of her own duties. The transition to Alycia has gone smoothly. She knows what she is doing and keeps the rest of the team informed. Please reward her hard work with an Applause Award.”

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“Alycia has a very strong work ethic and is devoted to doing her job right the first time. She has grown tremendously through the years in her different roles, and the College is extremely fortunate to have her as our expert budget analyst! Not only does she have an impeccable memory (and has saved me multiple times) but she is always willing to help out anyone in the college with financial or budget questions. Alycia considers the ‘big picture’ when new initiatives or policies are announced, and is my go-to person when we need to think through logistics of operationalizing financial changes in our college. Alycia consistent and humble way of going above and beyond should be rewarded with an Applause!”