Applause for Amy Beyer

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An Applause for

Amy Beyer

Academic Advisor
Academic and Career Advising Center

March 2018

“Amy is much deserving of the applause award. She is always going above and beyond to lend a helping hand. When I am alone at the front desk Amy always takes it upon herself to lend a helping hand when she sees a line at the front desk or when the phones are ringing off the hook and believe me it is very much appreciated. Amy is always willing to go above and beyond to help a student or co-worker in their time of need. Amy has been a great asset to the Academic and Career Advising Center and she helps our office run smoothly. Amy is very deserving of an applause award!”

• • •

“I am nominating this person for going above and beyond in all of her duties. She is very dedicated to helping each students, and is always willing to see an extra student, even if she doesn't have time. She also always has a positive attitude, which really impacts every person working in the office. I'm a student worker at the front desk, and she will always use any free minute she has to come help me with something if she sees I need it, going beyond the typical duties of her job. She makes this entire office a more welcoming place for students, and a better place for us to work, and I think she deserves recognition for that.”

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“I am nominating Amy Beyer for an Applause award because of her amazing work ethic. Amy goes above and beyond to help me understand certain aspects of advising after I meet with students who come to career advising appointments. I appreciate Amy's patience and understanding of when I don't fully comprehend a student's request or question regarding classes. Often times Amy will check in with me after she knows I've met with a student she referred to me and I can tell she really cares for the students she works with even after they leave her office. Personally, being a new student affairs professional at UNL, Amy has made me feel a part of the Academic and Career Advising office family since day one. Amy serves not only this office phenomenally, but the institution as a whole with her involvement in outside meeting groups and participating in events that support student success.”

• • •

“I am nominating Amy for an Applause Award due to her consistently outstanding performance and her service above and beyond the call of duty. Amy is amazingly efficient at everything she does. Students ask for her on a regular basis knowing that they will get the right answers, and quickly. Her even temperament adds to her ability to calmly navigate any situation that may be thrown at her. Amy's colleagues know that she is one to be counted on. She is always willing to step in and help wherever is needed - in fact, not only willing, but aware as well. As soon as she observes an area that she can be of help she's just sort of suddenly there to ease the burden. I appreciate the many times Amy has gone above the call of duty and personally helped me! Please give Amy an Applause! ”

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“I feel Amy is willing to go above and beyond in our office for students and co-workers. She is always willing to lend and hand or answer questions when needed. When I am busy at the front desk and she sees that I can use a hand she is always the first to jump up and lend a hand and I really appreciate it. When I have a question and she is on lunch or has her door closed she is always willing to jump in and help, which is much appreciated. I feel she is much deserving of an applause award.”