Applause for Amy Beyer

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An Applause for

Amy Beyer

Academic Advisor
Academic and Career Advising Center

Summer 2022

“Over the past few months Amy helped orchestrate and ensure that our office continued to provide high-quality support to students, faculty and staff while Andrea was out for an extended leave of absence. Amy adjusted her work responsibilities so that while our office was short-staffed, we were all still to take lunch. This meant an adjusted lunch period for Amy, but she did so without any question. She showed her leadership as a way to support the staff she supervises while also ensuring high quality service to our college community. Despite these adjustments, Amy never missed a beat. She completed her other duties in a timely manner and never seemed overwhelmed with the additional demands on her time. One big way that Amy also helped support the college during Andrea's absence, was in managing the dismissal appeal process for our college. She served as the main point-of-contact for our advisors and ensured that all necessary materials were uploaded correctly, which was essential to ensure students had their appeals heard in a timely manner. As a campus-wide process, Amy ensured she was prepared and able to manage these steps in Andrea's absence. While we no doubt missed the presence of Andrea in the office, we also were extremely grateful that Amy helped ensure that while short-staffed, our office continued to serve students, staff and faculty effectively. For these reasons and many more, I highly recommend Amy for an Applause Award.”

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“Amy is always going above and beyond her duties in the office to make our college better no matter if its working with students or working on the curriculum committee or just other projects that get thrown her way. We are very fortunate to have her on our team. She is very deserving of the applause award.”

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“Amy is an essential part of daily operations in the Advising Center, with direct impact on students in so many ways. On a regular basis, she manages the workflow of all transfer credit as well as substitutions and waivers. This takes broad, but detailed knowledge of all of our college's academic programs, as well as sound judgement and good communication. She is organized, responsible, and a touchstone for all the advisors across the college. Amy also supervises our administrative team, ensuring they have what they need to do their job and that our overall processes are well articulated. Most recently, one of the administrative team was out on leave and Amy worked tirelessly to support the other member, including assuming some of the work herself to keep daily coverage and activities consistent. Amy probably took on far too much as this was in addition to her regular duties, and she did so without missing a beat and without expecting recognition. We are so lucky to have Amy in the college.”