Applause for Audine Oehm

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An Applause for

Audine Oehm

Training Coordinator Associate
Center for Children, Family and the Law


“Audine is consistently a person who goes above and beyond, but what I have seen the last few months rivals even the best of the best employees. CCFL is currently in the middle of a major renovation of our off-campus space. One of our floors was gutted and rebuilt while the other floor is getting all new carpeting and paint. Both have required completely moving all CCFL faculty and staff out of their offices. This is approximately 45 separate offices, two kitchens, four training classrooms, four conference rooms, and several cubicle spaces. All of that would be difficult enough on top of her regular job duties, but then we had mandatory social distancing and then stay-at-home orders. Audine was able to masterfully schedule office packing while that was still allowed and scheduled everything so that the renovations have been able to continue while we're all at home working. What would have been a huge inconvenience of moving and temporary spaces has turned out to be an efficient use of all of us at home. Coordinating all of this with the building contacts, the contractor, the architect, AV specialists, office furniture company, and all the CCFLers has been nothing short of miraculous. She has kept everything running smoothly even though in regular times it could have easily been chaos. Thank you for considering Audine for an Applause Award! ”

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“Audine is a hardworking, devoted professional who manages many duties with pristine organization and effectiveness. Audine is responsible for all the scheduling for our training program (no easy task!) in addition to all of her other responsibilities. She ensures that our contract partners needs are being met and that our staff needs are aligned with the expectations of our grants and contracts. In addition to her normal duties, she has stepped up in this time of uncertainty. She has been managing the renovation of our building—even during this time that we’re not able to be in our offices in the Sharp Building. And, she’s been the one CCFLer to be on campus and in our building on a regular basis to ensure our mail is delivered and picked up, meeting with new employees, etc. Our programming couldn't run, function, or survive without her. She absolutely deserves recognition for everything she does.”