Applause for Brad Nauman

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An Applause for

Brad Nauman

Computer Specialist
Department of Mathematics, School of Biological Sciences

February 2018

“When I first interacted with Brad as a computer support person in the School of Biological Sciences, I was immediately impressed by his competence. My next reaction was worry that someone that competent would soon leave us. I've been pleasantly surprise that has stayed with the University, and we have all benefited. I've interacted with a number of computer support people and different institutions, and often times I just end up doing any task myself. Brad is the stand-out exception to that pattern. Brad will get the job done, and he brings a level of outside expertise to a computer request. That is exactly what I'm hoping for in departmental computer support. He is tenacious in following up with the bureaucracy of warranty and purchasing issues. And he does all of that while maintaining a great rapport with faculty across the spectrum of friendliness. He has an attitude of service that makes all of those interactions productive. Brad's competence has made him a critical component in our tech support in Biological Sciences which enables us to focus our efforts on our mission instead of worrying about computers. Please give him an Applause! ”

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“Brad has done a wonderful job supporting our technology needs. He is efficient, listens well, makes great suggestions and checks back to make sure the need has been met.”

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“Brad is a terrific IT support person. He's always quick to reply for a request for help, is always efficient in his assistance, and does all of this with a very positive and upbeat attitude. He was invaluable to our department last year during our IT support transition. Thank you, Brad! ”

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“There has been some transition within the Department of Mathematics over the past several months and we have been very fortunate to have Brad Nauman here to get us through it! He is very reliable and always willing to help with any questions or issues we might encounter. Since he's not fulltime within the Department, this can sometimes be a challenge - but to Brad, it's not. He's is always ready and willing to assist when he's called upon. That is why I feel he is deserving of the College's applause award! ”

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“Brad has been providing desktop support for the Department of Mathematics for the last several years. Brad is prompt, courteous, and efficient. In particular I can recall when we had to call him on a weekend because there were laptop issues during a conference. Brad immediately answered his phone and walked us through the procedure to fix the problem. I highly recommend Brad for an Applause Award because I can't imagine life in the department without Brad's support.”