Applause for Brenda Ensor

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An Applause for

Brenda Ensor

Administrative Technician
College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office

October 2017

“Though I moved back to faculty from the Dean’s Office in 2016, I still remember the care Brenda took with all of her responsibilities. She was enormously helpful with the college election process (which has a complicated timeline that I could never keep straight). She was also especially good as a kind of first responder (to phone calls or visitors)—determining callers’/visitors’ needs or concerns, and respectfully standing firm (which sometimes became necessary). She always remained professional and focused on the task at hand (which proved especially helpful during periods of high demand, like the entire month of APRIL : ). Being back in an academic department, I can say from experience that faculty really appreciate the fact that when they need information from the Dean’s Office about a procedure, policy or upcoming deadline—Brenda and the administrative staff will answer promptly and accurately. I don’t know how to make these qualities sound as important as I feel them to be! And the fact that this happens with so much consistency is crucial to the high regard people have for the Dean’s Office. I can’t thank Brenda enough for her work!”

• • •

“I am nominating Brenda Ensor for an Applause Award because I literally could not do my job without her help. She is on top of all the details I need to know, and reminds me (very politely) when I need to complete a task. Brenda is incredibly efficient—scheduling meetings, communicating with department chairs, managing the College Celebration of Excellence and the College Executive Committee—she does it all. In addition, Brenda always acts with discretion and tact. Frequently people arrive in the Dean’s Office feeling either frustrated or angry, and Brenda calmly helps them all find the person they need to speak with. And regardless of how someone has acted in the past, or what Brenda knows about a person or their program, she treats everyone with complete respect. I can’t imagine anyone more deserving of an Applause Award.”

• • •

“Brenda is the heart of the College. She greets people warmly when they come in, makes sure their needs are met, and bids them a cheerful farewell. She makes sure everyone who comes in feels seen and tended to. Brenda listens deeply to what people say about their day and how they are doing, and she remembers. She knows what is going on with people; she asks after family members and offers insight and support to people who are struggling. Brenda helps make the college feel more connected and cohesive.”

• • •

“Ms. Brenda Ensor is a consummate professional and a treasure of the College of Arts and Sciences. She is one of the public faces of the College of Arts and Sciences; not so much the front desk (although she does greet visitors as they come to the office and staffs those functions when needed). Much of the important work she does is to help The Dean and Associate Deans, Chairs and Directors, faculty, and others who work with different faculty affairs for the college. She is incredibly competent, responsive (finds the answer when she does not know it), and recognizes when we need some extra help and attention. With all of the different details she handles, this is impressive. Brenda is always of good cheer and picks me up even when things are the most stressful. And when we are successful in getting a job done, for example, when she personally runs over to Canfield to pick up an offer letter we are waiting for, she communicates satisfaction in a job well done and her demeanor always helps me remember to step back and appreciate what we are all working toward. For all of the tangible tasks and the little intangibles, I appreciate Brenda very much and believe she is incredibly well deserving, and likely very overdue, for an applause award.”

• • •

“I am nominating Brenda for the Applause Award for a number of reasons. First, she is amazingly efficient and timely in her work. Whenever I send paperwork or a request to her, I know it will be taken care of quickly. If I missed a form or signature in the request, she sends a kind reminder with the missing material attached; saving me some work. Second, Brenda is also thoughtful and giving. As a Department Chair, I will ‘misplace’ an e-mail she sent or need to recheck something. She always helps with a smile and even asks if I need anything else. When I come to the 12th floor of Oldfather for a meeting, she is the first to greet me and ask if I need anything. The Dean’s Office is fortunate to have such a great person working in the office. As a Department Chair, I am fortunate to have her help with the between office matters. For these and many other reasons, awarding Brenda the Applause Award would be a great way to say thank you for her hard work and dedication.”