Applause for Emira Ibrahimpasic

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An Applause for

Emira Ibrahimpasic

Assistant Director and Advisor
Global Studies Program

March 2017

“Emira Ibrahimpasic is an avid supporter of her students. My understanding is that Emira’s role is primarily that of an academic advisor, though she serves as much more for her students. Emira assists students with thinking holistically about their college experience, advising them on scholarship applications, study abroad programs, and opportunities they can pursue after graduation such as prestigious national-level fellowships. Emira has also used her innovative thinking to develop new opportunities for students within Global Studies, such as faculty-led programs abroad. In her time as the Assistant Director of Global Studies, Emira has offered faculty-led programs abroad for students to Belize, India, and a program to Belgium and the Netherlands that will run summer 2017. In my work with Emira, she has proven a passion for the success of all students, and especially students who come from low-income families and backgrounds, continually advocating for them and again assisting them in their pursuit of educational experiences through scholarships for education abroad, for example. In summary, Emira is a fierce advocate for her students, developing relationships with them and caring for them in ways that extend well beyond the ways outlined in her job description.”

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“She has been an excellent director of Global Studies, helping me to set up a study abroad program among other help to me as an instructor of Global Studies. She has shown great leadership. She is very creative, energetic and encouraging to many students and colleagues alike. Bravo to Emira!”

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“Emira has been my mentor and life coach since the first day I landed at the university back in 2012. She was initially my W.H. Thompson advisor/ point of contact and she helped me, a low-income, first generation college student who had no business being in college, feel like I belonged and that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. She has since left that position for her position at the Global Studies department where she has done an incredible job of encouraging students to study abroad, enlightened students of world happenings, and lest we forget her awesome work building the Global Studies social media (aka connecting with the students where they are at). Because of her, I’ve traveled to Spain, India, and now this summer I’ll be traveling to 7 different countries in Europe. Her work is her students. She endlessly goes above and beyond to ensure their success. Please give her an applause!”