Applause for James Berg

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An Applause for

James Berg

Office Associate
Psychological Consultation Center

April 2018

“James Berg is a wonderful staff member for the Psychological Consultation Center (PCC)! James is an integral part of our team in many ways and makes a wide variety of valuable contributions! In the PCC, we provide clinical mental health services while also conducting clinical training and research. James keeps the clinic running very smoothly to accommodate our very diverse and demanding needs. He skillfully deals with difficult clinical situations that would intimidate many. The PCC serves persons from the community with mental health problems, and whether it is over the phone or in person in the clinic, we can count on James to provide the care, empathy, and follow through that are needed for our clients. He can also readily deal with the many tasks and challenges we throw at him! For example, this summer he helped lead us through a renovation of the clinic. Within a couple of weeks everything was moved out, the clinic was painted and new carpet installed (along with other improvements) and we were moved back in! James helped things go very smoothly including continuing to maintain PCC operations from make-shift temporary space. We are fortunate to have James on our staff, and our clinical faculty, students, clients, and his fellow staff are appreciative of his many contributions and supports for all of us. He greatly deserves our “applause”! ”

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“James was instrumental in the process of implementing their new electronic record system and going paperless. He makes sure everything gets entered correctly in the system and created a smooth scanning process for having records attached into the client’s electronic records. With little supervision he makes sure the PCC runs effectively on a daily basis. He makes sure everyone follows policies and procedures. He does everything that is asked of him in a timely matter. He is always willing to change his schedule to accommodate the schedules of the student workers in the PCC, sometimes staying well into the evenings. One of his biggest accomplishments is the collection process he created, before he started there was nothing in place and the PCC was writing off a lot of account balances. In the 3 years he has been with the PCC he has been able to collect the majority of client fees and the amount they have written off has dropped substantially. On a personal note, James is energetic, mature, and professional in all office activities. I greatly enjoy having him as a coworker and he is well liked by students and faculty. He is an excellent candidate for the Applause Award and I hope you give him serious consideration. ”

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“James is the glue that holds the Psychological Consultation Center together. He manages to coordinate the needs of the graduate student therapists, the faculty, and, of course, the clients. In his role as the receptionist, he is one of the public faces of UNL. People call and come to the clinic when they are in a crisis, often with emotions running high. James is kind and supportive and helps them get the care they need. Also, he is a problem-solver. Recently our designated parking spaces disappeared and he had already solved it before most of us even knew it was a problem. For this reason, and many more, please give him an Applause!”