Applause for Jennifer Haley

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An Applause for

Jennifer Haley

Administrative Technician
LPH Business Cooperative

July 2019

“I am delighted to nominate Jennifer Haley—she is one of two Administrative Techs in our Louise Pound 3rd floor Co-Op. She was very helpful as the Co-Op was formed and here in the first year of operation, as we moved over to Pound Hall and as the staff, chairs and directors, and faculty have started this new entity. Jennifer is extremely kind and conscientious and working to make this new arrangement work. I have appreciated her support to the other Admin Tech who started in April and they have formed a good working team. I enjoy working with her and always feel welcome to call on her and know that I can get the help I need even though she is not the tech assigned to my program. I very much want to see her honored in this special way.”

• • •

“I'm nominating Jennifer because she is a perfectly wonderful person to work with. With the major administration transition that took place this past year, her job has become infinitely more complex -- learning the bureaucratic in-and-outs of several different academic units while at the same time accommodating the idiosyncratic needs and personalities of the many, many different people associated with each of these units. I will say this a thousand times -- This is no easy task -- particularly when considering that this was done for many months as we all occupied different buildings. But she has done so with grace and a sense of humor, for which I will always be deeply appreciative. Jennifer has since become a highly valued member of our program – please give her an Applause!”

• • •

“Jennifer is loyal, professional, detailed, and a team player. As part of the business cooperative, the qualities she exemplifies are that of a great employee and mentor. She is willing to give her time and share her knowledge to ensure the success of others. She has taken on additional tasks as part of a major move to form the cooperative, and continues to take on additional responsibilities. Jennifer is definitely an important part of the business cooperative, and is someone that we can all count on. She is most deserving of the award!”

• • •

“Jennifer Haley goes the extra mile to help everyone she works with. She's always friendly and eager to please. If you ask her something and she doesn't know the answer, she makes it her mission to find the answer for you! She's the jack-of-all trades when it comes to support, always willing to jump in and do what needs to be done. A few examples: She helped design a Philosophy button for me for Big Red Welcome; She's helping coordinate events for the departments while that position is vacant; She came in on her day off to manage our annual Welcome Back pizza party.”

• • •

“I have worked closely with Jennifer Haley since the LPH Business Coop has started and she is dedicated, approachable, and pleasant person to have on our team. Jennifer is very detailed oriented and that is important in her Admin. Tech position to several departments and programs. She thinks outside of the box in solving problems or situations that are new because of our Coop environment. Jennifer never has a cross word for anyone even when she is being bombarded with projects from several different directions. Jennifer deserves our Applause!!”