Applause for Jun Wang

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An Applause for

Jun Wang

IT Specialist
Department of Chemistry

October 2018

“Jun is always willing to drop what he is doing and come to personally visit a faculty or staff member to troubleshoot a computer problem, reconfigure a machine, clone a machine or offer advice on a new purchase. On several occasions, Jun has personally designed a custom computer for our research group to meet the computational needs for our research. He usually suggests purchasing computer cards, and external RAM from third party vendors, to save money, and allow us to build more powerful CPUs than the vendor would normally market. He has set up a number of secure portals for the group so that all can remotely access key machines. Jun is very professional; he always tries to make himself available as quickly as possible when an issue arises and he will work to resolve a software or hardware issue for hours on end until it is resolved. I applaud him for being a dedicated, helpful IT expert in the Department, day in and day out, for many years now. His ability to answer the bell, regularly, professionally and successfully is much appreciated!”

• • •

“Jun is a great IT guy. He has been filling in and helping update our website and doing a great job at it. If I have any computer problems he is quick to respond and fix the situation. Jun is very knowledgeable, works hard and is dedicated to making sure all runs smoothly.”

• • •

“Jun is a helpful colleague and fantastic resource for all things computer-related. If you have a question about computers or software, Jun is likely to know the answer. Jun has a fun and enthusiastic demeanor--he is always willing to provide assistance when asked. He has helped me with a number of computer-related tasks ranging from software installs to troubleshooting problems with an unfamiliar operating system. Overall, Jun is an important member of the department of chemistry team. Let’s give him an Applause! ”

• • •

“Jun is a highly accountable IT supporting staff. He always gave 100% effort to finish the tasks we request in a timely and professional manner. We are fortunate to have someone like Jun in our department to solve various IT problems. Jun is truly a team member!”

• • •

“Jun's doing an excellent job in helping us dealing with the daily IT-related issues in our group. He's very nice and super professional. Whenever we encounter a problem, Jun's always there, and can quickly get the job done, things just go on much more smoother. Thanks to Jun's outstanding service, we have a well-maintained environment to work with, which saved us a lot of time and workload.”

• • •

“Jun plays an integral role in our daily IT needs. Recently, in conjunction with the Dean's office IT and the University Webpage IT, Jun was able to get our Webpage audit score up. This involved a lot of intricate views at the behind the scenes code of our Webpage in order to get it to the level it needed to be. Jun was able to do this and then some. On a private note, we were hoping to get up to at least 75% but Jun went above and beyond and got us up to a 95%. Woot woot! Jun deserves an Applause Award for his efforts!”