Applause for Kali Patterson

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An Applause for

Kali Patterson

Project Assistant
Rural Drug Addiction Research Center


“Please accept this unconditional nomination of Kali for the Applause Award. Where to start. Kali brings a creative energy to her job as she tries to problem solve in these unusual times of COVID-19. As an example, she did all the online logistic to provide a virtual screening of "Picture a Scientists". This screening involved MHDI, RDAR CoBRE, and a partner CoBRE on Opioid Overdose in Rhode Island. After the screening, she arranged an online panel to discuss the challenges of women in the STEM discipline. The panelists were top women addiction scientists from around the country. By all measures and reviews, this event that she so carefully built from the inception and carried to the end was a resounding success. Another example is the creative structuring of our annual RDAR Center Conference -- this includes coordinating with 2 other CoBREs, building virtual poster and presentation space, etc. In sum, I think awarding Kali the Applause would be a wonderful recognition for someone that has gone far beyond typical expectations and doing so with great cheer that is contagious. ”

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“As a new employee, Kali has been nothing but incredibly helpful and supportive in her attitude. She brings an incredible levity and enthusiasm to all of her work. She turns even administrative tasks into a pleasurable and easy experience. She is constantly keeping our stuff updated with all of the information to keep business operations running smoothly and safely during this COVID period. She has gone out of her way to help me learn how to use Zoom most effectively. Further, she has devoted hours to arranging and promoting webinars and movie screens that are bringing meaningful conversations and perspectives to our Program.”