Applause for Kirsten Licht

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An Applause for

Kirsten Licht

Administrative Technician I
CAS Dean's Office

“Kirsten is the glue helping hold the Dean's Office together. She has always been willing to lend a helping hand to ensure that projects are completed in a timely and effective manner. During the pandemic and remote work, she has been committed to providing a culture of togetherness and positivity through our Fun Committee events. Not only does she help coordinate these events, but she attended them all. Kirsten always has a smile on her face and such a cheerful and positive attitude. I can't say enough how much I have appreciated having her as a coworker and these events to still feel connected. Please award Kirsten with an Applause!”

• • •

“Kirsten is a ray of sunshine in the Dean's Office. Whether she is greeting visitors to the Dean's Office (in normal times) or keeping Dean's Office employees virtually connected (during COVID times), she always makes people feel welcome and included. Kirsten's positivity and can-do attitude is always appreciated and has been invaluable in the last year helping to keep spirits up. Her weekly emails announcing FUN committee activities are joyful and appreciated. She is eager to volunteer for projects and committee assignments. I really enjoy working with Kirsten when ever I have an opportunity to. I highly recommend her to receive an APPLAUSE Award.”

• • •

“Kirsten is always such a pleasure to work with. She always has done outstanding work. But during this pandemic she has kept a sunny disposition and has gone above and beyond to keep Dean's Office Staff motivated and to provide us fun activities. Her meme pictures she provides in her weekly email with activities always make me laugh and is much needed. She has tried so hard to keep everyone engaged and spirits high. I love working with her and she certainly deserves this award.”

• • •

“March 2020 came and changed the way we would operate for the remainder of the year and for the foreseeable future. We've seen people exhausted, burned out, zoom-drained, etc., yet there has been one person in our team who has worked tirelessly to support and rally the positivity within the college. Kirsten's diligence, commitment and unwavering positivity has been greatly appreciated by so many people in the college dean's office team, even if we cannot always make it to all of the events planned during the week. In particular, she has helped to coordinate all of the FUN Committee activities such as Yoga, coffee chats, soup cookbook, social hours, and more. In a time when it is easy to disconnect from our colleagues while working from home, her commitment to providing the opportunities has not gone unnoticed. I am grateful for Kirsten's continual desire to raise our team's spirits, build up the office culture and never giving in when it would be easy to do so. I hope the committee strongly considers Kirsten for the applause award. Thanks!”