Applause for Lindsey Witt-Swanson

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An Applause for

Lindsey Witt-Swanson

Assistant Director
Bureau of Sociological Research

August 2018

“As the project manager on several of our contracted projects, Lindsey goes above and beyond expectations to ensure extremely high levels of customer satisfaction and that the integrity for our projects is solid in development and implementation. Lindsey does a great job of communicating before, during, and after projects are complete to help ensure success each time. She is thorough and on time with project deliverables. She is professional, friendly and easy to get along with, even when unexpected issues may arise. Because of her expertise, her leadership, and her diligence, we have had many years of successful partnership between BOSR and the Division of Behavioral Health at DHHS. I am grateful for the remarkable work Lindsey does on all of our behalf day in and day out!”

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“Mrs. Witt‐Swanson deserves this award because she is an amazing boss. She is always thinking of others within the department and how to best serve our clients and the people/businesses we work with as well as our community. Lindsey is always willing to give a helping hand; she is understanding and cares about what other people have to say. She works very hard at what she does but is also able to have good, professional relationships with everyone in the office.”

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“Lindsey has gone above and beyond with her flexibility to do whatever is needed to get the job done. She has helped out our organization whenever we need help, with a true "can‐do" attitude! She is eager to take on new work and is willing to take on new challenges. She is an extremely hard worker and strives to always produce the highest quality work! ”

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“Lindsey is a fantastic colleague and provides tremendous support for research on campus. She is consistently available for consultation with faculty and students who are beginning to plan for primary data collection, usually on very tight deadlines. This often means providing immediate reply's to requests for service quotes, like transcription and data entry. Even on very tight deadlines, Lindsey makes it a priority to work with colleagues. She is always friendly and patient, even when these requests may be an inconvenience to her schedule. She frequently assists our REACH team (faculty, staff, and students) with meeting grant and project deadlines. She is a source of reassurance and calm, even during stressful times. Lindsey provides great leadership for the BOSR and we feel incredibly lucky to have her research expertise and positive attitude available to our team!”

• • •

“Under Lindsey's leadership, the Bureau of Sociological Research (BOSR) at UNL has provided contractual support to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services on a number of survey‐related projects. It is evident that Lindsey cares deeply about her work and the success of BOSR. She is well organized, well informed of best practices in the field of survey research, and is very responsive when questions or concerns arise. I look forward to continuing to work with Lindsey and BOSR to further the collection of high quality public health data for the State of Nebraska.”

• • •

“Lindsey is a phenomenal BOSR assistant director. Not only has she increased the work that BOSR provides for the state of Nebraska (the BOSR budget has increased substantially), she has maintained high quality. She works carefully with the Sociology faculty to make sure that their data collection needs are met ‐ and often exceed their expectations. She is creative in her efforts to help researchers, for example working with me to have a part time project coordinator when that was all that I could afford. I am also impressed with Lindsey's humanity. Each month she supports a cause ‐ for example collecting school supplies for the beginning of the semester, collecting pet food during the Humane society month, collecting food for the Husker pantry. In addition, she is working with the local agency for people with disabilities to hire people who have difficulty getting jobs elsewhere because of challenges such as wheel chairs or the need for assistive devices. She leads BOSR efforts to hire students, and those that shine she mentors into full time jobs when they finish their degrees. Many of these workers go on to graduate school, and she begins again. The local and national reputation of the BOSR, particularly joining the transparency effort (e.g. making response rates very clear) and keeping high standards is a great value to the department, college, and university. We are truly fortunate to have an outstanding professional in our college who goes above and beyond to make sure that clients (e.g. state agencies, non‐profits, administrators and researchers) have the data and reports that they need. Lindsey is a perfect candidate for an applause award!”