Applause for Marilyn Johnson

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An Applause for

Marilyn Johnson

Administrative Technician
Department of Mathematics

September 2017

“Marilyn has been very helpful in putting together budget proposals, answering emails promptly (sometimes in less than 30 seconds!), just being very supportive of our faculty members and graduate students. Whenever she does not have the answer to a question, she knows whom to contact and how to get things done. We really appreciate her efficiency! Please give her an Applause!”

• • •

“I nominate Marilyn Johnson for the applause award for her overall outstanding service to the faculty and graduate students in the Mathematics department. She has competently helped me on numerous occasions with my research proposals and she provides personal support and encouragement to every single graduate student in our program. She is a beloved members of our department whom we could truly not function without! She deserves this award!”

• • •

“Marilyn Johnson has helped me with many things, but most of all, grant preparation. Her work has been outstanding every time I worked with her, and her efforts to help our department go far above and beyond the call of duty. She takes initiative to remind me of upcoming deadlines before I even think of them myself. She is incredibly knowledgeable about how everything fits together in the grant world. She understands subtle details and knows how to navigate the political climate of grant submission. She is very prompt, usually way ahead of schedule, and she has never hesitated to help with anything I have asked of her. She will revise, and re-revise budgets, discuss with me the details, and make adjustments and suggestions with precision and care. She also has connections all over campus, and can connect me with the right people to, e.g., help proofread my proposals, check on policies, or get paperwork where it needs to go efficiently. I have been extremely fortunate to be in a department with Marilyn! Not only is she excellent at her job, but she is a very friendly and warm person. Her helpful attitude, her smile, and her general interest in other people contribute greatly to the friendly atmosphere of our department. I am very glad to have Marilyn Johnson in our department. She is an example of excellence for all of the University of Nebraska. Let’s give her an Applause! ”