Applause for Mirhuanda Meeks

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An Applause for

Mirhuanda Meeks

Administrative Assistant
English Department


“We would be adrift in a sea of confusion and chaos if it weren't for Mirhuanda. Her brilliance, her cool head, and her vast knowledge of our department keep us running day to day, and her humor and candor are an inspiration and a significant motivating force -- even more so now with the added challenges posed by COVD19. Mirhuanda is not just the backbone of our main office; she's also the brain and the heart (and the legs and the arms! She's everything!). She knows exactly when to deploy her deep love of Prince to brighten my day, all while never compromising her professionalism. I am so grateful to her for all she does to keep our department running smoothly -- she deserves the Applause Award and more.”

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“Mirhuanda has always been a bulwark in the department--completely on top of things and a welcome, friendly presence. But since March, she has been tested as never before, serving as the only staff person in an intensely tense and difficult time of COVID readjustment. She's overseen the restructuring of the classroom physical space in Andrews and much more, on top of her administrative support and scheduling, the main components of her regular duties. She's been a star and amply deserves this award!”