Applause Nomination Form


  • Nominees must be a permanent Managerial/Professional (B-line) or Clerical/Tech/Service (C-line) employee of the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Nominations are completely open. Arts and Sciences employees may submit nominations for any eligible employee, including themselves. Other university faculty and staff and off-campus individuals may submit nominations for eligible Arts and Sciences employees.
  • Multiple nominations may be made for the same individual.
  • Nominations may be selected for either the monthly or annual awards.
  • Nominations will not expire; however, they may become stale after a few months, so reminders are welcome.
  • A nominee/previous winner may be selected more than once, although probably not more than once for the same achievement.
Please provide a one-paragraph summary of the reason this individual should receive Applause describing their innovative ideas, their consistently outstanding performance, or their service above and beyond the call of duty.