Applause for Olivia Miller

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An Applause for

Olivia Miller

Academic Advisor
CAS Academic and Career Advising Center

January 2019

“Since Olivia joined the Advising Center, she has shown great poise and adaptability. She has watched her role shift almost immediately joining the Advising Center as well as watched 4 new coworkers join the team. Olivia is not afraid to take on new tasks, new experiences, and new projects. She has become an indispensable part of the team. Since I don't know where the Advising Center would be without her, I believe that Olivia deserves an Applause award!”

• • •

“Olivia has been a tremendous asset to the College since starting here only one year ago. Olivia is very detail-oriented, which is important for an academic advisor. I have worked collaboratively with her on many students' cases, and her level of thoroughness and care is outstanding. She is a hard worker who frequently takes on additional work to help support her teammates and liaison areas. Her student-centeredness drives her to find creative solutions as she helps support students in achieving their academic goals, while also challenging and empowering the students to take control of their situation - exactly as an exemplary Student Affairs professional would. Olivia is very deserving of this Applause award!”

• • •

“Olivia has a calming presence that makes others feel at ease. This is especially true with students. She listens well and responds with empathy and understanding. As a colleague, she is responsive, knowledgeable, and kind. She is a truly great advisor how has already made significant contributions in her time here at UNL.”

• • •

“In addition to be asked to do so, it's a fine idea which would have been nice if I had thought of it myself! Olivia has really dug into the advising for my Computer Science students, of whom there are a great number. Very conscientious, gaining confidence throughout the past year, it is a pleasure working with Olivia as our liaison in the advising center.”

• • •

“Olivia has been a great member of the advising team in Arts and Sciences since she arrived. Over the past year, she has taken on some leadership responsibility with organizing the college efforts surrounding New Student Enrollment. Her attention to detail has been valuable with ensuring that the day-of college responsibilities of NSE have gone on without a hitch. Additionally, Olivia has always worked to serve the departments she is assigned to the best of her ability. She took on a willingness to learn more in-depth information to help better serve computer science students and spent time digging into detailed information about the retention and graduation history of Meteorology students, with both departments expressed sincere gratitude. Lastly, she continues to take pride in serving students and developing a strong relationship with them. As one student highlighted this past year, ‘[Olivia’s] help was liberating. Not only was she friendly and easy to talk to, she offered suggestions and even additional help beyond what I asked for. This interaction turned once academically unmotivated me, into feeling excited for school. It was short, sweet, to the point yet extremely impressive. I would like to thank the advising center for always making my academic career more smooth, encouraging me to do my best and Recognizing my individuality as a student.’”