Applause for Pam Waldvogel

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An Applause for

Pam Waldvogel

Office Associate


“Pam has been invaluable to our department for many years as a key member of the office staff. She handles all kinds of tasks (e.g., ordering supplies, managing travel receipts and PAFs, and supervising the work study students, among other things) and does it efficiently and always with a friendly smile. I cannot count the number of times she has answered questions or resolved issues that come up or found a way to make it easier for faculty members to operate. On top if this, Pam manages the logistics for the Nebraska Symposium on Motivation, which brings national and international experts to campus each year to discuss issues of scientific an public interest. Coordinating this event (including venue, travel, lodging, refreshments, meals, conference brochures) is a major task, and Pam does a wonderful job, ensuring that everything runs smoothly each time. As chair of the Symposium Committee and editor of the associated book series, I have been consistently impressed with Pam's work and grateful for her dedication and energy. She is simply a great person to work with.”

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“Pam is a wonderful part of the psychology department. She gets the job done with a smile on her face. It's always a joy to see her in the office. In particular, she has be integral in helping organize the Nebraska Symposium on Motivation every year. This requires a lot of organization, and Pam has it all under control. Each year a new faculty member hosts it (I've hosted it twice), and Pam is the constant that keeps everything running smoothly. The Symposium is a success every year, and this is due in large part to Pam. Even the visiting speakers comment on the pleasure it is to work with her. In short, Pam is an outstanding staff member and deserves our applause.”