Applause for Robert Becker

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An Applause for

Robert Becker

Bureau of Sociological Research


“I am nominating Robert because he always comes into work with a positive attitude and a friendly face. He is always willing to help wherever help is needed. I know if I need something done, Robert will be timely and efficient. He is a hard worker and takes pride in what he does. I am glad to be working with such a wonderful person.”

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“Robert has been a member of the BOSR team for the past couple years. His hard work, positivity and willingness to help in any way he can are always appreciated. It is a pleasure to work with Robert and BOSR is a better place because of him.”

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“Robert has been a part-time data worker at BOSR for years. He is reliable and a hard worker. He has amazing attention to detail - whenever project staff have looked at materials for too long, Robert takes over and finds the typos and minor mistakes we missed. He is a positive presence and is always looking for ways for our work to improve. Robert deserves an applause!”

• • •

“Robert is an on call, data worker at BOSR. He is always eager to do whatever work we have for him, and he does ALL of it meticulously. His time at the Lincoln Journal Star makes him perfectly suited for doing the last reviews on a questionnaire and completing tedious tasks that would make others cross eyed. He catches everything. He does all of this with a smile too. He has a positive effect on the office when he is here. Robert most certainly deserves an Applause!”

• • •

“Robert has been an important part of our team for some time now. He has an eye for detail and a willingness to help wherever and however possible. He is advantageous in the work he does, and always extends a hand. Robert is a wonderful person, and such a sweet part of our BOSR staff.”