Applause for Ronda Alexander

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An Applause for

Ronda Alexander

Finance/Grant Lead
Department of Psychology

Summer 2022

“Ronda joined our department early in the pandemic. She has done an amazing job learning a multifaceted position that involves interacting with faculty, staff, and students. She is knowledgeable about NIH and NSF grant applications and shares that knowledge with faculty while helping them with proposals. She manages a complex departmental budget and provides accurate information in a timely manner. She often goes the extra mile by generating individualized spreadsheets to help faculty understand complex financial situations. I am grateful to have Ronda overseeing such important tasks!”

• • •

“Ronda Alexander has made tremendous contributions to the Psychology Department since she joined us two years ago!! In her role as Finance/Grant Lead, she has has gone above and beyond to help me with my own research program as well as to help the department. As a couple of examples: With a recent grant submission that was due, Ronda determined that I needed to include a new document regarding clinical trials.

She helped me figure out what was required and enter the information in the appropriate format in eRA commons the day before the grant was due. I subsequently received word that the grant was funded and this would not have been possible without Ronda's initiative and assistance. In my role as Associate Chair, Ronda also consistently performs in an exceptional manner to help with departmental budget issues. She almost always knows the answer and when she doesn't, she quickly finds out. The Department's financial health is much better because of Ronda's know-how. In sum, I could not be more appreciative of Ronda's efforts in the department. On a side note, she is a genuinely thoughtful person and our department is better in innumerable ways because of her contributions. I can't think of someone more deserving of this award! ”

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“Ronda joined us two years ago at a relatively complex and difficult time during the pandemic. With folks primarily working at home it could have been difficult to get connected – and feel connected – as integral member of the department, but Ronda was able to navigate that well and became a respected leader and key member of the team right away. Ronda provides a variety of essential supports to the Department, including being our Finance/Grant lead and handling an amazing amount of finance and budget tasks, as well as overall department operations. I greatly appreciate Ronda Alexander’s talented service across all her endeavors. Ronda is very dedicated, dependable, and resourceful, and is always happy to be of assistance. We are fortunate to have Ronda working with us, and our faculty and students, and her fellow staff, are appreciative of her many valuable contributions and supports for all of us! Ronda greatly deserves our “applause!”

• • •

“I have worked very closely with Ronda Alexander on funded contracts since she joined the Department of Psychology. She is a diligent, hard worker who knows more about the UNL system than most who have served before her. She is a creative problem solver and is willing to spend as much time as it takes to resolve issues and keep my funded work on track. On top of that she is a cheerful and fun person who makes some of the most cumbersome work enjoyable. She has improved the efficacy and efficiency of me and my graduate students considerably. For these reasons, I am nominating her for an “applause.”